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Brand USA Newsletter - June 2020

Brand USA’s board of directors convened for their first all-virtual meeting on Wednesday, May 20. Board members approved the minutes from the February 2020 meeting and recognized the significant impact COVID-19 has had on many facets of Brand USA’s operations as well as it’s worldwide impact

Grand Tetons, Wyoming

Brand USA Newsletter - April 2020

COVID-19 is profoundly reshaping our lives and impacting the world in ways we couldn’t have imagined. On behalf of the entire team at Brand USA, I offer my thoughts and encouragement to everyone navigating this unprecedented situation, both professionally and personally. These are difficult times for the travel and tourism industry, but we are resilient and will come back with renewed determination. I want you to know that Brand USA is with you, and we are all in this together.

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Brand USA Newsletter - March 2020

Check out the latest Industry News from Brand USA! You'll find topics ranging from the 10-year anniversary of the signing of the Travel Promotion Act; a Coronavirus Update; the news release about Brand USA's third-giant screen film, "Into America’s Wild," Brand USA Partner Programs Around the Globe; and so much more!

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Brand USA Newsletter - November 2019

Before you unwind into the holiday season, check out the latest Industry News from Brand USA: Brand USA November Board Meeting – New Board Leadership and Successful Programs; Travelers from Poland May Now Visit the USA Without a Visa; Brand USA Partner Programs Around the Globe; and so much more!

Austin, TX

Brand USA Newsletter - September 2019

Ending Brand USA's 2019 fiscal year and Preparations Underway for the First-Ever Brand USA Travel Week Europe 2019; First-Ever Brand USA Video Storytelling Awards Announced at ESTO; Marketing Committee, Board of Directors, & Audit Committee Meeting Updates; and so much more!